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Canadajobs PEI: Article: Finding Work on PEI

Finding work on PEI

Looking for a job? You're not alone. Thousands of Islanders are looking for work. But that doesn't mean you won't find anything... it simply means you might have to think of new ways to find work.

How have you been looking for work until now? Chances are, your search has been limited to the newspaper and the HRDC office in your area.

I thought I'd mention a few ways you may not have thought of. By being on this site, you're finding new ways to look work. That's great - and please visit the site regularly for new postings from employers.

Ok, what about finding the openings?...

As well as looking through the regular channels, there may be a few things you haven't tried. Is there a company you would like to work for? In my experience, when someone leaves a job suddenly, there's often panic to replace them. If it has to be done quickly, there may not be time to advertise the jobs right away. And employers will look through recent resumes to see who might fit the job requirements.

So, send a cover letter and resume to potential employers. You never know when it'll get to the right person, at the right time.

Tell the world...

When you're working somewhere, you're often the first to hear about new openings in the company. If everyone you know is aware that you're looking for work, and what your experience is, they might think of you next time they hear about an opening where they work. If they do, and you get the job, don't forget to buy them dinner!

Apply for positions in the Public Service Commission...

The Federal Government's Public Service Commission handles the hiring of staff within the Federal Government. Have a look at the PSC site and see if anything is available.

Look for the signs...

If you're looking for work in the retail industry, look for the signs. It seems obvious, but keeping your eye out for who may be hiring can be really useful in finding a job you haven't seen advertised anywhere.

Have a look at your resume...

Are you sending out tons and tons of applications and resumes, without hearing back? It could simply be that your skills don't fit their current openings. But have another look at your resume. Does it look professional? Is it well-designed? Is it free of mistakes?

It's always a good idea to have a section at the beginning of your resume for your experience that relates directly to the job. Are you applying for work in a store? Include your retail experience first. It's the first thing employers are interested in looking at.

Does it include all of your experience? Is there experience you have that you may not have thought of? Did you include your computer experience? Since you're reading this, you have experience with the Internet, the WWW, and likely, e-mail. Those skills are becoming more important in just about every industry here on the Island.

The interview...

I'll tell you the truth, I don't like interviews. Of course, they're important parts of the staffing process, but, some people just have a hard time being themselves in interviews. I won't name any names, but one of those people has his name at the top of this article.

But, by knowing what employers are looking for in a candidate, you can outline your experience that best relates to the employer's interests. My most important tip when going to an interview - read your resume just before you go. You likely have some skills that you might not remember without having it fresh in your mind. Remembering your own skkills sounds simple but there's often that "Man! I should have told them about when I worked at..." thought that goes through your head after the interview.

There is a job out there for everyone - it just takes some work and a bit of patience. Good luck in your job search!

An exclusive article by the staff at Canadajobs PEI, Prince Edward Island's first online employment site.

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