Job Title:

Vice President of Technology and Innovation


Airesun Global


Edwardsville, NS

Job Reference:



5-10 employees


75k CAD per year

Where: Cape Breton

The Opportunity:

The VP of Technology and Innovation is a hands-on, collaborative, and multi-faceted position. The incumbent will be responsible for participating and driving the development, manufacture, and production of Airesun Global technology and products. While assuring the alignment of enterprise technology resources, capabilities, operations and organizational focus on strategic priorities to maximize business value.

You will collaborate with production floor technicians, research and development scientists, machining and assembly technicians, university professionals, outside contract professionals, and peer technology and business leaders, to grow and lead within an innovative culture focused on delivering exceptional products and technologies.

In addition, the VP of Technology and Innovation will be an active member of the company’s executive management team, contributing to operational and strategic decisions, and will be expected to demonstrate strategic leadership.


+10 years experience minimum in the application and management of:

  • Mechanical fabrication and machining
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Process equipment manufacturing
  • Operation of production equipment
  • Machine design
  • Materials characterization
  • Process analytical technology
  • Data analysis
  • Process modeling
  • Material science research

Overall Requirements:

  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering from an engineering program in a university with ABET or CEAB accreditation; or a stringently proven equivalent.
  • Must be able to lift +50lbs
  • Must be capable of hands-on operation of machining, assembly, fabrication, and production equipment
  • Must be able to inspire, drive, and direct graduate level professionals in a research and development capacity.
  • Must be able to manage laboratory, production, and manufacturing personnel.
  • Develop and maintain all program, project, and budget planning.
  • Collaborate with Airesun Global staff, university professionals, research programs, and outside contractors to advance Airesun Global scientifically and technically.
  • Leverage research and collaborations to advance, advocate, and establish all product attributes that make Airesun Global products the best choice for the industry, environment, well being of the community, and health of our end users.  

Required technical skills and attributes:

  • Willingness and eagerness to be hands-on (+20% of daily activity).
  • Able to participate in all forms of Airesun Global activities as needed or directed, including operation and assistance on the production floor and the manufacturing of production equipment.
  • Expertise in Design of Experiments (DoE), with the capability to leverage statistically relevant outcomes for application in the design, development, and manufacture of Airesun Global products and technology.
  • Mechanical engineering design with strong theoretical and technical understanding along with fluency in computer aided design (CAD) software (eg. Solidworks).
  • Fluent in Matlab, Mathematica, and LabVIEW for the analysis of raw data, building models, and to interface and control technical instrumentation.
  • Process engineering design with the capability to coordinate between chemical, material science, mechanical, and electrical experts in the design process.
  • Willing and able to travel globally. Capable of representing Airesun Global as the science and technology expert in all matters concerning our products and technology.
  • To understand and encompass Airesun Global ideals, and to support/protect Airesun Global integrity, IP, and business interests.
  • Fluent and daily use of all Microsoft Office programs, email clients, and other modern communication mediums.


If you have the skills and experience required for this position, please forward your resume to:


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Posted 2018-12-10

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