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Remote Data Entry Clerk


Spectrum Healthcare


Toronto, ON

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The primary role of providing our patients the best client service possible to enhance the client’s experience with the Company. Others may range from providing guidance, monitors tickets and unresolved issues of our patients, manages/updates the supply inventory, support remote and traveling patients remotely.

He/she effectively coordinates communication between clients and members of the medical team, most of which are remote. Among these duties are: handling inquiries, scheduling appointments both in clinic and mobile, patient follow up required by the medical team, processing transactions, providing client education materials, and where necessary, working with clients to resolve problems. Along with these duties. As part of the client services team, the team members are ambassadors, representing all staff in the practice.

Therefore have a significant impact on the perceptions that clients have of their experience with the company.

Also, further training will be provided , so therefore experience is not paramount in our consideration for selection.


If you have the skills and experience required for this position, please forward your resume to:


Quote Job Reference: 647-933-1132

Posted 2018-11-26

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