Job Title:

Chief Flight Instructor


Brandon Flight Centre


Brandon, MB

We are currently seeking to fill this position.  This is a full-time role, with flexible hours & days depending on the requirements of the flight academy.

The successful candidate would be responsible for the following roles:

  • Chief Flight Instructor
  • Supervision of part-time instructors and ground school instructor.

Candidate Requirements – The successful applicant must have the following:

  • Class one or two Flight Instructor status.
  • ATPL
  • Minimum 500 hours instructing time
  • Current permanent resident of Canada & the legal right to work in Canada
  • An excellent comprehension & use of the English language
  • Must live in or be willing to relocate to the Brandon, Mb. Area.

Preference will be given to applicants with some or all of the following attributes:

  • Multi / IFR teaching experience
  • Aviation degree
  • Previous CFI or Assistant CFI experience
  • A solid & proven management background.
  • Previous Chief Pilot experience in a similar scale environment
  • Approved:
    • Check Pilot (ACP)
    • Pilot Examiner from Transport Canada
    • Aviation Language Proficiency Examiner from Transport Canada
    • Radio License issuer

Duties: The CFI reports directly to the CEO and is responsible the professional standards of the flight and ground school instructors under his/her authority.  Some of the duties & responsibilities include:

  • Operational control of the Flight Academy
  • Management of the pilot training program
  • Supervision of all flight and ground instructors
  • Direct supervision of Class 4 flight instructors, including the designation of a Class 1 or Class 2 flight instructor to supervise a Class 4 flight instructor if applicable
  • Approval of the quality and content of ground school instruction and flight training.
  • The content and accuracy of Pilot Training Records, course reports, student pilot permits issued, license applications and any other documents which form part of the training process; ensuring that flight instruction is based on the contents of the flight instructor guide and flight training manual.
  • Ensuring that the daily flight record is used for operational control;
  • Ensuring that all appropriate publications including the Canadian Aviation Regulations, Aeronautical Information Manual Canada, Canada Flight Supplement, Water Aerodrome Supplement, Flight Instructor Guide and Flight Training Manual, and the applicable training manual on human factors are readily available to trainees and amended to date;
  • Maintaining a current copy of training publications, charts, maps and any other material required for the ground instruction and flight training of trainees; ensuring that all solo training flights are properly authorized by a flight instructor and acknowledged by the trainee.
  • Decisions with respect to flight operations as it pertains to safety during inclement weather/conditions.
  • Confirming the continuing validity of staff licenses and ratings endorsed on a license.
  • Remaining informed on any changes to the regulations and standards.
  • Ensuring that all staff members are kept informed of any changes to the regulations and standards.
  • Disseminating and acting upon aeroplane safety information including accident, incident, and other occurrence reports.
  • Developing and implementing an operational control system in accordance with section 406.50 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations;
  • Performing general administrative, clerical tasks, and other related duties as required
  • Identifying and reporting any safety related concerns immediately to the CEO for tracking and resolution.
  • Providing flight-line duties (fueling, parking, de-icing and tying down aircraft), on an as-required basis to prepare aircraft for flight and to assist other instructors and line personnel
  • Build strong relationships with all members of the Management Team. Establish their trust and confidence by keeping them informed and abreast of potential issues and solving problems.
  • Development and maintenance of the Standard Operating Procedures Manual.
  • Development or implementation of all required training programs for the flight and ground instructors.
  • Ensure all operations reports are completed in accordance with CARs.
  • Ensure expense sheets and time sheets are accurate and submitted for all flight and ground instructors.
  • Establish oneself as an approachable, self-confident leader who will be inclusive with and available to staff.
  • Excellent understanding of Canadian Aviation Regulations.
  • Lead by being attentive and responsive to issues by establishing oneself as an involved, hands-on, problem-solving individual.
  • Leads others in safe practice and manages risk effectively.
  • Liaise and attend meetings with other company functions necessary to perform duties and aid business and organizational development.
  • Network with other members of the Aviation industry and attend industry events as appropriate.
  • Responsible to ensure communication through the issuance of directives and notices to the pilots, as required.
  • Review resumes, conduct interviews and reference checks and hire new pilots to ensure operational requirements are met.
  • Team building strategies to ensure all departments are effectively communicating.
  • Work within pilot budget for the year
  • Processing and actioning of any incident reports.
  • Supervision of instructors; and maintenance of the pilot training records.
  • Assuming responsibilities as delegated by the CEO.
  • In his or her absence, all responsibilities for duties shall be delegated to another qualified individual.

When providing direct supervision to the holder of a Class 4 Flight Instructor Rating, the holder of a Class 1 or 2 Flight Instructor Rating shall:

  • review and approve the holder of the Class 4 Flight Instructor Ratings proposed training program for each student to ensure conformity with the Flight Training Manual and Flight Instructor Guide;
  • specify the intervals at which progress checks are required, which shall be at least once before the first solo flight and once before the flight test for issue of the pilot license;
  • conduct the progress checks specified in (b) above;
  • approve and countersign the student’s pilot training record for each first solo flight authorized and for each flight test recommended by the holder of a Class 4 Flight Instructor Rating; and
  • review and certify the holder of a Class 4 Flight Instructor Rating’s "Instructor’s Training Record while under Direct Supervision" form, as to the student’s competency with respect to first solo flights and flight tests for issue of licenses

Wage: Commensurate with knowledge, experience and qualifications

Group Insurance Plan: Yes, including health and dental for hours over 25 per week

Schedule: Permanent. Full time. Will require hours on weekends and evenings as weather and student needs permit

Start Date: Immediately, but can be negotiable

Brandon is the second largest city in Manitoba boasting a population of over 48,000, with a significant amount more in the general trading district. Brandon is the ideal choice for young families right up to retirees.





We would like to thank you for your interest.  Successful applicants will be contacted accordingly to arrange an interview. 

Please submit your application in confidence to prior to September 21, 2018 and also indicate why you would like to join the Brandon Flight Centre.

Posted 2018-09-07

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