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Board of Directors and Members at Malvern Initiatives


Malvern Initiatives


Toronto, ON


Malvern Initiatives is a settlement service agency a not for profit federal cooperation.

Objectives are geared towards providing social, settlement and economic integration of newcomers, refugees and immigrants in to communities by providing direct and through collaboration and referral partnership immigration services.

Our purpose is to facilitate skills training and provide equitable employment opportunities to marginalized youth. Engage youth school drops to take Ontario Priority Sectors skills training program in informal school after hours setting.

One of the objective in the Education division of Malvern Initiatives is to promote free of charge French learning in Scarborough. Currently we are working with Ontario Ministry of Education and TDSB Toronto District School Board to deliver French classes to youths at selected TDSB schools after hours. Promoting French bilingualism and providing other employment related free essential learning skills for human development to everyone in Toronto.


The Board of Directors provides strategic leadership, establishes policy and governance and oversees the operations and financial sustainability to provide essential services to Canadian.


Play an integral role in shaping the organization and formulating strategies to further the goals and vision of the company.

As a member of the Board of Directors, your experience and professional expertise will take the organization to next level of operation in seeing Malvern and Scarborough region evolve and grow with 21st Century transformation.


Serve for two 2 years. Attend meetings in person. Serve on the Board panel in education, skills training and Immigration service committees. Represent and advocate for interest of Scarborough and Ontarians. Contribute in designing and developing skills training programs that reflect employment enhancement. Interact in formation of strategies to deliver quality and capacity planning in management of services for newcomers and refugees


One or more of the following:

Background in accounting and financial practices in charitable or non profit organization an asset. Strong skills in community, provisional and federal grant writing and applications. Previous not-for-profit board or member experience is an asset. Professional experience in handling refugee cases and document processing. Background in social and settlement work an asset. Previous experience in advisory role essential. Experience in acquisition of space for operation to conduct administrative duties and deliver services. Human resource planning. Fundraising, Development. Background in education or expertise in implementing skills training programs..Strong community activist and neighborhood participation


A strong commitment Malvern Initiatives

Excellent communication and collaboration skills. Professional experience in a relevant field. Ability to devote the time necessary to perform the responsibilities of a Board Member. Maintain professionalism and forward looking. Dress immaculately in client facing environment


Salary and remuneration will be based on level of involvement, participation, commitment and expertise in related fields of services. More info will be made on salary benefits in interviews.


Please send resume to (to avoid spam send as a single email address without spaces)

board @

Also attach a cover letter which explains why this role interests you.

What are your strengths that will further the agenda of Malvern Initiatives. How much you will be committed in playing a key role as a board member in advisory or frontline position. What is your vision to see betterment of Canadians and inclusion of members from marginalized, LGBTQ, special needs, racial, women and youth communities in developing a healthier Scarborough.

Send both resume and cover letter in single email with subject { board-R1A-yourFirstName_yourLastName }

All applications will be reviewed by nominating committee.

Posted 2017-09-05

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