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On behalf of our client, Southern Interior Construction Association (SICA), we are searching for a Chief Operating Officer (COO) to join their team. Since 1969, SICA has striven to give their members a collective voice based on fairness, transparency and open communication while providing excellence in everything they do.

The Southern Interior Construction Association is a non-profit Association. Our construction industry members are involved in the industrial/commercial/institutional (ICI) and multi-family residential sectors in the Southern Interior of BC, and are comprised of general contractors, trade contractors, manufacturers and suppliers, as well as firms providing professional support services to the construction industry. We are a part of the Provincial British Columbia Construction Association and the National Canadian Construction Association. SICA is one of the four regional associations in British Columbia. With offices in Kelowna and Kamloops they cover the area south of Williams Lake to the US border and east of Hope to the Alberta border. As a group, they deal with industry issues. They have been offering the most efficient, affordable, and effective way of doing business in the construction industry since 1969. SICA is passionate about adding value to their members, and assisting them to succeed in today’s competitive market.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the COO is the Boards single official link to the operating Association and will use effective and inspirational communication to oversee and lead a team of eleven employees. They will also use compelling negotiation skills, and development expertise to capitalize on opportunities and seamlessly execute on collaboratively developed plans. By creating and sustaining a high-performance organization and an environment conducive to innovation and results, the successful candidate for this position will engage in enhancing the value-added services available to members.

The Chief Operating officer is accountable to the Board, responsible for planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling outcomes of the Association. The COO is directed by the Board approved policy and a strategic plan which, in addition to identifying current strategic priorities, must adhere to Objects of the Society as contained in its Constitution.

Candidates with a passion for construction and business development, as well as the reputation, commitment and energy to assume the challenges and opportunities of a high-profile position, who are inspired by the opportunities of leading a highly respected organization, will want to explore this rare opportunity.

Key Leadership Accountabilities:

Leadership of Human Resources

  • Develop and sustain a healthy and safe environment where ideas are freely shared and multiple perspectives sought out, appropriate risks are encouraged and all employees are committed to providing the best service to new and existing members
  • Develop and regularly monitor individual performance objectives and plans, including clear accountabilities and supporting job descriptions for all employees, providing appropriate orientation, coaching, mentoring and training, short and long-term employee development and succession plans, ensuring compliance with policies, procedures, practices and the overall strategic direction of the organization
  • Maintain and enrich the team environment, promoting commitment to the best interests of members and stakeholders, and consistently looking for opportunities to enhance programs and services
  • Ensure the development, implementation and monitoring of an effective organizational structure, recruitment and retention initiatives, management and program delivery staffing requirements and related budgets to support leading human resource practices
  • Recognize and reward exceptional contributions to SICA’s success
  • Develop and implement an appropriate process to correct performance and behaviors concerns

Membership and Industry Services

  • Establish, nurture and maintain strong and effective relationships with stakeholders including members, the construction community, post-secondary institutions, the media, government, the public and other partners to promote cooperation and protection of the interests of members as well as ensure a cohesive and well-supported approach and organization
  • Develop a strong and very visible presence within the construction community with associations, community groups, funders, government organizations, elected officials, and organizations that regulate the construction industry, acting as an ambassador for SICA, providing information, promoting collaboration, sharing information and lessons learned, and continuing to raise its profile
  • Cooperates, participates and collaborates with the other BC construction associations, the BC Construction Association (BCCA- the provincial association) and the Canadian Construction Association (CCA- the national association)
  • Anticipate, understand and respond to the needs of members and clients to meet or exceed their expectations
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan for the organization and monitor its continued implementation upon approval by the Board
  • Prepare correspondence, briefs and press releases on behalf of the organization, alone or with the Chair
  • Communicate with members to keep them informed of SICA’s work and to identify changes that could affect SICA and/ or its members

Strategic and Operational Planning

  • Provide leadership in formulating a strategic plan that spans a minimum of three years and the direction, objectives and governance policies of the organization and ensure they are consistent with the overall strategic goals and policies of the Board
  • Translate the strategic plan to an annual operational plan to be approved by the Board that clearly describes how SICA will achieve its vision, including goals, activities, performance measures and a supporting budget
  • Develop and implement processes to identify needs and wants of the organization and its members as well as economic, social and environmental trends and evaluate the organization’s ability to fulfill needs and address future issues and concerns
  • Prepare an annual operational plan describing how staff will move the Association closer to the accomplishments of the strategic priorities for SICA’s long term goals
  • Develop and implement a reporting process that assesses performance against the plan and provides clear and concise information about this assessment to the Board at regularly scheduled meetings
  • Identify within a risk management framework, all opportunities and risks to the organization, then develop and implement plans to mitigate these risks, maintain operational stability and optimize opportunities as well as proposing actions
  • Implement and enhance SICA’s strategic plan to modernize the technology framework, improving operational efficiencies, increasing value for staff and members, and ensuring continued efforts to modernize technology in the future
  • Ensure SICA carries appropriate insurance for the Board and operations as well as, brief the Board and staff of insurance coverage terms, conditions and limitations

Board of Directors Support/ Partnership

  • Advise and assist the Board in developing strategic objectives as well as implement policies and strategy set by the Board
  • Working with the Board, identify key issues for board deliberations and develop agendas for board meetings
  • Oversee administration of board meetings and actions including documentation of the deliberations at all board meetings
  • Report to the Board on a regular basis to ensure the Board is appropriately informed of progress and provide formal written documentation, including reports, background information and briefing materials, to support the Board in establishing and maintaining policy, setting direction and making decisions
  • Provide leadership and assistance to bodies reporting to the Board
  • Consult collectively and individually with members of the Board, utilizing their capacities to the fullest extent necessary to secure optimum benefits for SICA
  • Keep the board up to date on the condition of SICA and any matters that may pertain to it

Program and Services Planning and Management

  • Identify potential innovative programs and services as well as review existing programs, services and the business plan to ensure that they align with the Strategic Plan
  • Plan, implement and evaluate special projects to enhance programs and services
  • Evaluate programs and service delivery to ensure they meet member and Board expectations
  • Prepare procedures to ensure consistent application of SICA’s policies and the consistent delivery of programs and services
  • Develop a project management structure and process to ensure the smooth development and implementation of SICA’s projects, programs and services

Finance and Budgeting

  • Develop and implement an annual operational plan for each fiscal year aligned with SICA’s strategic plan
  • Prepare, coordinate, develop and monitor the budget in conjunction with the Treasurer and the Financial Risk Management Committee
  • Implement financial policies and processes in accordance with policies and guidelines established by the Board and generally accepted accounting practices
  • Identify potential funding sources and work collaboratively with the Risk Management Committee to secure funding
  • Provide the Board with regular and comprehensive reports on revenue and expenditures
  • Develop and implement operational performance indicators, a process of assessing and reporting on the overall performance of SICA
  • Establish a sound risk management and compliance framework including policies and procedures that minimize risk to SICA and ensure SICA and its staff act in accordance with all relevant legislation, Acts, standards and by-laws

Trend Identification

  • Remain Current on community, public, and private sector trends to ensure that SICA has the most up to date information
  • Use trend information to address and consider emerging opportunities, threats, and issues
  • Involved at a provincial, national, and international arena to ensure SICA is a leading in providing the most current and effective services to the membership and industry

Education and Experience:

  • Post-secondary degree in business, commerce or a construction related discipline (i.e. Law, Architecture, Engineering)
  • Five years of senior business management experience
  • Solid understanding of construction, tendering and the construction industry, including aligning professional services and purchasers of construction services
  • Ability to read construction documents (drawings and specifications)
  • Knowledge and familiarity with CCDC documents, construction law and lien legislation
  • Excellent leadership skills to develop and maintain an environment aligned with the organization’s key values
  • Successful track record of developing enduring and effective relationships and partnerships
  • Ability to provide outstanding client service to diverse members
  • Demonstrated experience with business development in a member driven or construction environment
  • Aptitude for implementing leading practices in governance and management
  • Strong competence in supporting the work of a Board of Directors
  • Knowledge of local and/or British Columbia industry challenges and opportunities that could affect SICA
  • Proficiency in online communications, research tools and MS Office
  • Experience in human resources, as well as financial, project and issue management

Competency Requirements:

Effective Oral, Written and Presentation Skills

  • The ability to actively listen to messages being communicated by stakeholders
  • Articulates complex ideas in a clearly understandable way
  • The ability to create and conduct powerful presentations to small and large groups
  • Develops well-constructed documents and reports
  • Provides sound, credible and thorough information to the Board of Directors and ensures the Board is appropriately informed of issues
  • Effectively facilitates meetings and discussions to assist participants in reaching shared decisions and fostering positive relationships
  • Nurture and maintain strong and effective relationships with members, the construction community, post-secondary institutions, the media, government, the public and other partners

Integrity, Ethics and Values

  • Collaboratively sets SICA’s vision and values
  • Keeps the greater good of SICA and the construction community in mind at all times
  • Assumes responsibility, accountability and follows through when making commitments
  • Demonstrates sincerity, honesty, respect, empathy and adherence to standards and values of SICA
  • Builds others’ trust in her/his professionalism, expertise and ability to get results
  • Ensures that a respectful and inclusive workplace is created and maintained throughout the organization by ensuring her/his own behaviors and the behaviors of others is consistent with SICA’s values, principals and policies

Visionary Leadership

  • Adopts a long-term view of organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks in a changing operational environment, with trends and environmental conditions in mind
  • Able to clearly articulate a practical vision for the future, a credible case for change / enhancement and to influence and inspire others to work as part of a team toward that vision, seek and develop new ways to achieve the strategic objectives and improve SICA operations
  • Establishes a shared vision and common goals and creates the environment where the organization can be innovative and accepting of appropriate risks
  • Promotes cooperation, collaboration and partnerships between individuals or groups both within and outside of SICA ensuring everyone understands each other’s roles, responsibilities and contributions
  • Able to identify critical issues and opportunities that will have an impact on the organization

Excellent Judgement

  • Assesses situations efficiently and effectively to determine importance, urgency and risks
  • Assess problem situations to identify causes
  • The ability to utilize objective, factual and valid information from a variety of sources to make informed decisions, understand the potential impacts, and keep all relevant parties informed
  • Influences decisions that challenge the status quo and provoke growth and positive development in the organization
  • Identifies the impacts and risks associated with decisions and takes appropriate risks
  • Takes responsibility for tough decisions, ability to be adaptable, tolerant and flexible in a changing environment

Results Orientation

  • Incorporates the needs of members and stakeholders when setting standards, corporate strategies and organizational direction
  • Sets goals and priorities that maximize the use of resources available to consistently deliver results based on Board direction and stakeholder expectations
  • Driven to meet a high standard of performance
  • Monitors progress towards a goal, anticipates problems and makes adjustments when necessary
  • Financial Acumen
  • Understands the financial model of the organization and the elements that impact the model and financial performance
  • Implements strong budgeting, financial reporting and monitoring processes
  • Implements a risk-based approach to financial management and ensures appropriate policies are in place


If you feel you have the demonstrated background and are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please forward your resume to or call 778.432.3056.

Posted 2017-08-04

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