Job Title:

Critical Incident Manager L2


Vdart Inc


Brampton, ON

Full Time / Contract

Exp: 6 to 7 Years

Consultant will:

  • Conduct daily IT meetings each Business Day with responsibility to provide an update on change activity items (24 hours past / 24 hours future).
  • Follow an established, documented Change Management process for the scope of Services delivered.
  • Determine change logistics, cost, impact, test and back-out plans.
  • Manage and chair the  IT CAB, TAB and eCAB process.
  • Maintain the  IT change calendar and service impact reports.
  • Manage CMAS embargos, as invoked by  leadership.
  • Notify affected  End Users/business of change as set forth in the PPM.
  • Promote the approved change.
  • Conduct a post-mortem of a failed change and reschedule the change based on the outcome.
  • Verify that change met objectives and did not deliver unexpected technical implications elsewhere.
  • Provide documentation related to the change.
  • Maintain documentation of configurations and configuration changes (Configuration Management).
  • Provide weekly and monthly report to  (based on a pre-defined format) on all the infrastructure, applications and network changes.
  • Identify Change Management members for the roles identified in the PPM who will be available 24/7 for escalation as appropriate.
  • Provide Change Management support and database tool access for supplementary changes from -authorized non- IT units (i.e., applications, external Consultants and business units).
  • Perform coordinator role when maintenance affects shared services, typically DC internet infrastructure work.
  • Provide documented notification to  IT technical groups and account management regarding known external maintenance activities by application development, external Consultants, and  business units.
  • Create and maintain specialized Consultant Change Management system distribution notification list for change related communications.
  • Maintain series of Change Management database public folders containing various Change Management material (forms, procedures, statistics, schedules).
  • Audit change records for process compliance.
  • Administer and comply with the Change Management Policy and Procedures.
  • Attend and provide Change management support for all Consultant supported critical development implementations and infrastructure changes.
  • Provide 24x7 Change Management on-call support for emergency or stability changes and notification.
  • With input from , define and maintain business process documents relating to Change Management.
  • Install, maintain and support the standard Change Management tool (ServiceNow).
  • Create and administer, as required, authorized user access to the organizational standard Change Management tool.
  • Conduct Change Management review board meetings per agreed upon schedules and in accordance with the Agreement.
  • Participate in and/or chair weekly change control teleconference calls / meetings with individual  business units as set forth in the Policy and Procedures Manual.
  • Review and seek  approvals for requested changes via the change meeting(s).
  • Coordinate and manage mainframe services outages between all applicable parties and maintain maintenance timelines.
  • Develop procedures for handling all planned and emergency changes affecting the Services environment including review, approval, communication and proper documentation.
  • Communicate changes made by Consultant affecting the  environment.
  • Manage and chair standard changes governance meeting.
  • Manage and chair daily change review meeting during CMAS RED/SUPER RED (embargos) if required.
  • Build change templates inside the Change Management tool for approved standard changes.
  • Prepare and manage knowledge items, meaning frequently asked questions for Change Management process in the Knowledge Management tool.
  • Evaluate planned changes to the Services environments and advise  of any requirements to support such changes.
  • Maintain, communicate and review with the  business units, regularly, the Change Management calendar of change events.
  • Record, review, approve, track and schedule approved change requests.
  • Maintain system availability statistics for the mainframe systems as required and defined in the PPM.
  • Schedule or manage testing and implementation of approved changes, including communication to and coordination with affected  business units.
  • Support ’ test environment for  to evaluate applications software and tools configuration before integrating the same into the production environment.
  • Provide automation scripts, where possible, for tasks associated with a change.
  • Establish a schedule for performing mainframe services maintenance, (e.g., backup, DASD clean-up, testing), modifications and enhancements.
  • Approve proposed changes to be made by Consultant affecting the mainframe and / or midrange services environments.
  • Align Change Management processes with service asset configuration management (SACM), all change records should have the ability to relate multiple configuration items (“CIs”).
  • Participate in the Operational Change Management process as documented in the Policy and Procedures document.  is to approve the Service Management tool provided by Consultant.
  • Designate change requestors to register requests for changes (RFCs) and provide appropriate details of the request, including providing additional details to change coordinators and change owners as necessary.
  • Assign change owners for changes within their scope of services to contribute resources/skills for the change, resolve schedule conflicts, provide detailed change information including test criteria, verify change implementation status, and activate the remediation plan to return to a pre-change state if needed.
  • Participate in the emergency operation centre (EOC) when requested.
  • Interface the applications and infrastructure teams in multiple ways, including:
    • The teams will be managed as an integrated team through weekly Consultant account management meetings to review and discuss account plans and upcoming activities, to provide visibility into upcoming changes at the account level in both infrastructure and applications.
    • The applications and infrastructure teams interface through the Change Management process in the definition and scheduling of changes to either the infrastructure or the applications in the production, pre-production, and test environments.
    • The applications and infrastructure teams interface through the Change Management tool via their review and approval of changes to the environment (application and infrastructure).
    • The applications and infrastructure teams interface/interact during the change testing where both infrastructure and applications support is required, that is coordinated and committed during the change review within the Change Management process.
    • The teams interface and interact during the change windows where infrastructure and applications support is required to implement changes to the environment.
    • Perform all approved changes in ’ IT environment pertaining to the Services, including changes to individual components and coordination of changes across all components, when:
    • Authorized users or ’ Third Party Vendors identify a problem or potential problem.
    • Authorized users make a specific request that can only be fulfilled through formal Change Management process.
  • Move all programs from the application development and test environments to the production environment in a controlled, repeatable, and documented manner as necessary, and ensure that no changes are introduced into the programs during such activity without the approval of .
  • Provide an audit trail of any and all changes made by Consultant to the development, test, production staging environments, and production environment to specify the change made and the authorization to make the change.
  • Identify and communicate proposed changes to  through Change Management procedures approved by .
  • Respond to change requests from authorized users and make changes based on approved procedures.
  • Designate and maintain clear ownership for individual changes throughout the process.
  • Provide  with the ability to pre-approve certain types of routine operational changes.  Such approvals will be documented in the Policies and Procedures Manual.


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Posted 2017-01-09

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